Make Every Minute
Count With
Traffic Workout!

Traffic Workout guides you through a series of
resistance exercises that helps build muscle tone
on your upper and mid body while in your car! 
It's easy to follow, effective and requires
no extra time from your busy schedule!


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About Traffic Workout

Traffic Workout was originally introduced in 1999. After gaining worldwide attention on TV & radio, we’ve decided to reintroduce the workout program as an app. Now everyone can transform traffic time into workout time with the Traffic Workout app. The workout routine includes a warm up, abdominal exercises, biceps, triceps, check, shoulders, back and a relaxing cool down.

Features and Benefits

Build Muscle

Your Traffic Workout instructor guides you through a series of muscle building exercises while you're in your car.

Feel Relaxed

Traffic Workout helps you arrive at your destination feeling empowered and relaxed.

Lose Weight

As you gain muscle, your metabolism increases and your body begins to burn calories more efficiently.

Reduce Stress

By channeling your stress towards your Traffic Workout, you'll eliminate the feeling of road stress and road rage.

Save Time & Money

Don't have the time or money to join a gym?  Traffic Workout helps you save them both!

Focus on Driving

Traffic Workout requires you to have both hands on the wheel, helping you avoid common distractions (i.e texting).

Download FREE!

Download the app for free and and get energized on how this workout system can help you get the workout results that you've always wanted, straight from the comfort of your car!

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