There’s a unique way to get in better shape by using the Traffic Workout App.
Houston, Texas, March 17, 2014 – The all new Traffic Workout mobile app guides listeners through a series of strengthening and muscle-toning exercises using their motor vehicle’s steering wheel. This offers a new lifestyle strategy for those seeking to achieve a physical benefit while immobilized in time-draining traffic or even behind a red light!
Drivers can safely perform these exercises depending on the effort they choose to exert. The exercises involve static contraction of muscles without visible movement in the joints. Movements are focused on abs, biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders culminating in a relaxing cool down.
“It’s amazing how efficient Traffic Workout can be.  As soon as you sit in your car, you're literally in your own gym”, says Shervin Kalinia, former tennis instructor and founder of Traffic Workout.  “Our goal is to help commuters and drivers of all ages, get the benefit of a good workout while making better use of their time spent behind the wheel!”
Traffic Workout allows users to follow the exercises while keeping their hands on the steering wheel.  This helps avoid common distractions such as texting while driving. Plus, the workout routine leaves drivers relaxed and may help reduce the effects of road stress and road rage.
Available for download for the iPhone, Traffic Workout is the ultimate way to transform traffic time into workout time!  The version for Android phones is scheduled for release in Spring of 2014.

Download Traffic Workout today and get on the road to fitness!   

Note to Editors
Traffic Workout App was created by Shervin Kalinia, a former Tennis instructor who developed the routine based on studies of isometric tension for strength building. For more information on the app contact ; call (832) 316-2531 or visit 



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